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Indian FTR

The "Everything FTR" collection by Forever Rad is a diverse and comprehensive selection of parts and accessories tailored for the Indian FTR1200/S. This collection is perfect for riders looking to enhance their bike's performance, style, and durability.

Featured Products:

  1. Akrapovic Carbon Heat Shield: Designed for the Indian FTR1200/S, this carbon heat shield not only protects but also adds a sleek carbon fiber aesthetic.

  2. Akrapovic Stainless Steel Link Pipe: An upgrade for the FTR1200/S, improving exhaust flow and adding a robust stainless steel finish.

  3. Akrapovic Titanium Header: This premium titanium header enhances exhaust performance, offering durability and a significant weight reduction.

  4. Antigravity ATX12-HD RE-START Lithium Battery: A high-performance battery that offers reliability and advanced features like built-in jump-starting.

  5. Bassani Exhaust High Mount 4" Short Megaphone Muffler (With and Without Catalytic Converter): Available for Indian 19-20 FTR1200/S, these mufflers provide improved sound and performance, with options both with and without a catalytic converter.

  6. Bassani Xhaust Low Mount 4" Short Megaphone Muffler (Without Cat): Another variant for the FTR1200/S, offering a low-mount design for a distinct look and sound.

  7. Galfer Front Solid Mount Wave Rotor: Compatible with Indian Challenger, Pursuit, Sport Chief, & FTR, this rotor offers enhanced braking performance and a wave design for heat dissipation.

Why Choose This Collection?

  • Tailored for FTR1200/S: Each product is specifically designed for the Indian FTR1200/S, ensuring perfect compatibility.
  • Performance Upgrades: From exhaust systems to batteries, these parts enhance the bike's performance.
  • Quality and Durability: Made from premium materials, these parts are built to last.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, these parts add a distinctive look to your motorcycle.

The "Everything FTR" collection from Forever Rad is the go-to choice for Indian FTR1200/S owners seeking to elevate their riding experience with quality, performance, and style.