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At Forever Rad, our commitment to innovation, performance, and aesthetic is the true foundation of our work. With a heavy background in custom cars, Harley Davidsons and Indian Challengers (since their inception in 2020). Being the first to customize the Indian Challenger performance bagger was an uphill battle however it was one that we gladly took head on. As part of the motorcycle culture revolution, we have taken the touring comfort of baggers and fused it with the thrilling performance of sportier models, giving birth to a unique class of motorcycle that delivers the best of both worlds essentially building the pro touring class of Indian Challengers.

Our journey begins with the heart of the Indian Challenger: the PowerPlus motor.  We saw untapped potential. By adding in the custom tuning that we offer in house with Lloydz remote tuning and fitting the machine with a free-flowing exhaust system, we've unleashed the Challenger’s power, adding to its raw aggression while retaining its effortless cruising capability.

To match the Challenger's newfound power we have worked to develop eye catching upgrades to the already factory powerhouse braking system. We know that many want suspension upgrades starting at the basic lift kit that we pioneered on our first challenger in 2020! All the way to the true custom suspension setups and that's why we have begun prototyping and working to bring you that very option.

Performance aside, we also value the practicality of a good bagger. At Forever Rad, we understand the importance of having a reliable ride that can comfortably carry all your gear on those long road trips. This is why we build bikes that will perform as good as they look and that is something that we will not compromise on.

Our Indian Challenger isn't just a performance machine. Our custom paint jobs range from understated to eye-catching, each one lending a unique character to the bike. The use of custom powder coat, anodize and painted accents to improve upon the bike's distinctive aesthetics. With the use of LED lighting for the headlight we have vastly improved the night time visibility.

We also take rider comfort seriously. Our custom seats are designed to be as plush and stylish as possible, making long rides an enjoyable experience through the use of custom footpegs, and T bar setups. These not only contribute to the rider's comfort, but also make each build truly unique. All while adding to the performance handling.

At Forever Rad, we believe that each Indian Challenger we customize is more than just a performance bagger. It is a statement of our vision, a demonstration of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and performance. Each build is filled with our meticulous attention to detail, creativity, and passion for the open road. Forever Rad builds bikes that excels on long-distance rides and thrills on winding roads all while being able to stop at the local watering hole and not be able to mistake the attention to detail as anything other than a Forever Rad build.

Our Forever Rad Indian Challenger program is our most daring and imaginative project to date. By melding mechanical, technical and a drive for being different with an understanding of the spirit of motorcycling, we're not just creating bikes. We're redefining what it means to ride a bagger. This is the Forever Rad Indian Challenger: a tribute to our love for performance, design, and the open road.