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Kraus EZ Shift For Harley Davidson M8 Bagger and Softail Models

Sku: UN-FC-80-B


Kraus EZ Shift 

Small improvements can make a big difference.

The Kraus EZ-Shift changes your shifters leverage ratio so you can easily find Neutral, even at a dead stop.

Find neutral on M8 transmissions at slow speeds.

  • Greater leverage makes smooth shifts across all gears
  • Makes shifting 20% easier
  • Enhances your riding experience
  • Made in the USA of American billet aluminum
  • EZ-Shift finds the right gear every time

Use with stock shift or aftermarket levers; it works great for short levers. It can be easily bolted on in 5 minutes. It is Fits all M8 Baggers and Softails. Billet Machined from high-grade material.

This small but effective component makes a big difference in your riding experience. Offsetting the shift location changes the ratio to create just a little longer throw on your toe lever. This smooths out the gear change, resulting in an EZ shift.

Its a must-have if you ride in cities or traffic. Your left hand and clutch will thank you. Holding that clutch lever in continues to drag the clutch, creating heat in the primary and motor. If you pop it into neutral at the light and release the clutch, your bike will run cooler, and your clutch and fluid will last longer.

Not to mention trying to back the bike up in gear, having to kill the motor to get neutral¦ Dont worry your buddies will wait for you.

All necessary hardware for installation is included.

Install guide here