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Big Bear Performance 29mm +2IN Front Cartridge Kit for Indian Sport Chief


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BBP 29mm suspension cartridge kit for Indian Sport Chief

*Please include rider weight and bike year and model info in order notes to set springs correctly*



These fork cartridge kits have improved valving which provides increased performance for stability and braking. They have adjustable compression, rebound and preload. Say goodbye to your front end dive! 

A quick explanation on how to order your cartridge kit.    We offer the BBC +2" cartridge with an standard height fork cap and also with a 1" extended fork cap. This is simple math, one will raise your front end 2", and one will raise it 3".

Please understand that this replacement cartridge provides proper spring rate and valving for an 830 lb. Bike and will not allow severe front end brake dive like an OEM cartridge does.

With that being understood, the raised height of your bike will be reflected in actual ground clearance while you are sitting on and riding your motorcycle.    You will notice that once you set your initial sag , the front end doesn't raise up while parked and doesn't fall down while on the kickstand.  Even with OEM forks, your bike will do what was just mentioned.  

If you install a normal 2" fork extension with an OEM cartridge, you would notice that the front end of your bike will actually raise UP while its parked due to lean angle and a universal spring rate, but when u pick the bike up off of the kickstand the bike will drop in height over 1.5". This makes your bike look taller while its parked than it actually is while it's being ridden. 

Here at Forever Rad we love the way a raised bike looks, so you would want to choose the +1" fork cap to keep it sitting nice and tall while parked. 

If you don't want that sky high look while parked, you will want to select the standard fork cap  +2" cartridge

This cartridge can not be used in conjunction with any other fork extension.   U will remove your current fork cap and not reuse it.

We have found that even with the +1" fork cap on our +2" cartridge, the 2" rear lift plates work perfectly and the bike is super happy in the corners with MAX ground clearance in the corners.    

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us on our email.  Kyle@foreverrad.com

***We recommend this affordable tool for removal of your OEM cartridge***


NOTE- We STRONGLY suggest contacting us or putting a note in your order that you wish to add insurance for the cost of the product. We do NOT charge for insurance unless specifically requested. If you wish to add insurance, and send us a note or email, we will add it to your original order and send an updated email with the additional charge.

Depending on shipping carriers, additional shipping charges may apply once item is ready to ship. If so, a separate invoice will be sent at the time for the additional charge.