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Alloy Art Gen 2 Cush Drive Chain Sprocket

SKU: ART-G2CC51-31

Distributeur: Alloy Art

Carrier Finish:
Sprocket Size:
Sprocket Finish:
  • Cush Drive Chain Sprocket 2009 to present 

  • Light weight aluminum carrier featuring a large indicating and locking octagon shape, light weight outer steel sprocket ring fastened into place by 8 ARP 12 pt stainless bolts.

  • In house CNC machined billet aluminum carrier.

  • Available with machine finish alum carrier or black anodized aluminum carrier, with black or gold 51 tooth or 53 tooth nitride steel sprocket.

  • Include ARP bolts, two bearings, bearing spacer, and an Alloy Art Super Crush Drive.

Note: Stock ratio equivalent is our 51 tooth kit with a 25 tooth .5” offset front sprocket

(front sprocket and chain not included in kit)

Drive train alignment with front and rear sprocket are key. Misalignment will cause premature wear. 

Made in the USA!