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Indian Challenger 2" Suspension Lift Bundle With Big Bear Cartridges 2021+ Challengers

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This is the best way to get the most ground clearance and the best suspension out of your Challenger. With a Front cartridge kit, 2" rear lift kit and a kick stand block this is going to have you covered and have you taking those corners faster than your slow buddies!


This bundle is meticulously pieced together to enhance performance, stability, and the overall aesthetics of your Indian Challenger.

A quick explanation on how to order your cartridge kit.    We offer the BBC +2" cartridge with an standard height fork cap and also with a 1" extended fork cap. This is simple math, one will raise your front end 2", and one will raise it 3"

If you install a normal 2" fork extension with an OEM cartridge, you would notice that the front end of your bike will actually raise UP while its parked due to lean angle and a universal spring rate, but when u pick the bike up off of the kickstand the bike will drop in height over 1.5". This makes your bike look taller while its parked than it actually is while it's being ridden. 

Here at Forever Rad we love the way a raised bike looks, so you would want to choose the +1" fork cap to keep it sitting nice and tall while parked. 

If you don't want that sky high look while parked, you will want to select the standard fork cap  +2" cartridge

This cartridge can not be used in conjunction with any other fork extension.   U will remove your current fork cap and not reuse it.

We have found that even with the +1" fork cap on our +2" cartridge, the 2" rear lift plates work perfectly and the bike is super happy in the corners with MAX ground clearance in the corners.    

  • Big Bear Performance 29mm Front Suspension Cartridge Kit: Transform the way you ride with this front suspension cartridge kit. With Bel Ray oil ready to install.
  • Forever Rad Indian Challenger Billet Kickstand Block: A perfect blend of functionality and style, this kickstand block is crafted from high-grade billet aluminum. It ensures a sturdy and reliable support for your Challenger, adding an extra touch of class with its sleek design.
  • Bare Knuckle Performance Indian Challenger 2" Rear Lift Plates: These lift plates are engineered to elevate your bike's rear suspension using your oem fox rear shock offering improved ground clearance and a more aggressive stance. Ideal for riders looking to optimize their bike's handling and appearance.

This bundle is the ultimate upgrade for any Indian Challenger enthusiast seeking to take their ride to the next level. Enjoy improved performance, stability, and an enhanced aesthetic, all in one package.


  • A separate invoice may be emailed over once item is ready to ship.
  • Please include rider weight and bike year and model info in order notes to set springs correctly
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