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Bare Knuckle Indian Challenger 2" lift with Forever Rad Kickstand block for oem suspension


Lift Size:

Indian Challenger Suspension Lift

If you have been looking for your one stop shop to make your Indian Challenger thrash in the corners this is it! With a 1 inch or 2 inch option you can make your ride exactly what you always hoped it would be. This kit will give you everything you need to get this install done and allow you to have the best option for your stock suspension. 

Indian Challenger Rear Suspension Lift Plates

These plates lift the rear of your Challenger 1" or 2" to gain more ground clearance for aggressive cornering. Simple, straight forward installation allows retention of stock suspension. We recommend 2".

Indian Challenger Fork Tube Extensions

Safely and correctly give your Indian Challenger additional ride height. Kit allows you to choose between 1 and 2 fork extension option depending on what kit you order. Black anodized finish with O-rings included.   We recommend 2".

Forever Rad Indian Challenger Billet Kickstand Block

This kickstand block is the perfect solution for your Challenger after installing our Bare Knuckle suspension lift kit. Made of solid aluminum in the USA. 3/4" thick and will help lean angle after lifting your Challenger, while also promising to last a lifetime! This block will work with a 1" and 2" lift, and can also work with stock height applications for those who desire less lean angle.

Suspension Lift Bundle Kit Includes

1.Bare Knuckle Performance Indian Challenger Rear Suspension Lift Plates 1in or 2in
2.Bare Knuckle Performance Indian Challenger Fork Tube Extensions 1in or 2in
3.Forever Rad Indian Challenger Billet Kickstand Block (in black)

Special Note

All kickstand blocks will come in black anodized finish.

Install link here: https://youtu.be/-614ucmoVsA?si=f_0yGyLKu4ospge-

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